1.HOLD FutureGold and Earn EGLD Earn the gold of the future (Elrond EGOLD) 2.STAKE EGLD and Earn EGLD

The secret to making a million dollars a year.




Where to Buy or Sell EGLD?

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Why stake on Elrond?

Elrond is running the energy efficient Secure Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. Validators and Delegators stake eGold to secure the network and earn rewards. The staking process is non-custodial, meaning you are always in control of your funds.

Here’s why you should start staking today:

  • Be awesome and make history by being part of the Elrond ecosystem
  • Be an early adopter of a game changing technology
  • Earn competitive rewards
  • Stake from your phone via Maiar
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Variable Tax Policy

Elrond(EGLD) Network Structure

The Shards are smaller partitions of the Elrond network and are used for scaling: each shard is responsible for a portion of the state (accounts, smart contracts, blockchain) and transaction processing, so that every shard can process only a fraction of the transactions in parallel with other shards.


The Metachain is the blockchain that runs in a special shard, where the main responsibilities are not processing of transactions, but notarizing and finalizing the processed shard block headers, facilitating communication between shards, storing and maintaining a registry of validators, triggering new epochs, processing fisherman challenges, rewarding and slashing.


The Node is a computer, smartphone or server, running the Elrond client and relaying messages received from its peers. Nodes can fulfill roles of Validators, Observers or Fisherman providing different support levels to the network and earning proportional rewards.

Elrond(EGLD) Network Roles



Validators are nodes on the Elrond network that process transactions and secure the network by participating in the consensus mechanism, while earning rewards from the protocol and transaction fees. In order to become part of the Elrond network, a validator needs to put up collateral in the form of EGLD tokens, which are staked to align the incentives between validators and network goals. Validators stand to lose, their stake if they collude to disrupt the network.



A node which verifies the validity of blocks after they have been proposed. They challenge invalid blocks resulted from adversity of malicious actors and are rewarded for their service. The Fisherman role can be fulfilled by validators which are not part of the current consensus round or by observers.



Observers are passive members of the network that can act as a read & relay interface. They can be either Full, keeping the entire history of the blockchain, or Light, keeping only 2 epochs of blockchain history. Observers are not required to stake EGLD tokens to join the network and are not rewarded for their participation.

Holy Holding

Holy Holding; It’s a bridge that aims to bring together innovative ideas with funds.It will operate with Metaverse, NFT, Blockchain Ecosystems, Web3 Technologies, Gamefi and Memes present in its portfolio.Holy Holding’s first and main purpose is to bring together bright projects seeking funding with investors.Holy Holding employees share their annual investment projects with you.However, this is definitely not financial advice.Holy Holding isn’t responsible for any gains or losses.

Protection Mechanism

Safe Fund Mechanism aims to protect FutureGold investors from sudden losses.In this context, 20% of the marketing wallet of each project is transferred to the Safe Fund wallet.The purpose of this is to keep Holy Holding supported projects alive in bear markets.It’s possible to use different amounts of funds for each project.

If money accumulates in the wallet for a long time, a buyback will be made taking into account money/projects.For both processes, it may be possible at least one month after the project publication date.

Gold4Stake Mechanism

The term Hold4Gold indicates that you earn EGOLD(Elrond Gold) by holding.The term Gold4Stake means you will get a second win by staking your EGLD rewards.This gives you at least three earning systems.

  • Valuation of FutureGold
  • Valuation of EGLD
  • Stake&Hold Rewards  

To reach maximum profit;

It’s necessary to hold FutureGold, stake EGLD and reach the maximum daily volume.

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